hg bookmarks [-f] [-d] [-i] [-m NAME] [-r REV] [NAME]

track a line of development with movable markers

    Bookmarks are pointers to certain commits that move when committing.
    Bookmarks are local. They can be renamed, copied and deleted. It is
    possible to use bookmark names in "hg merge" and "hg update" to merge and
    update respectively to a given bookmark.

    You can use "hg bookmark NAME" to set a bookmark on the working
    directory's parent revision with the given name. If you specify a revision
    using -r REV (where REV may be an existing bookmark), the bookmark is
    assigned to that revision.

    Bookmarks can be pushed and pulled between repositories (see "hg help
    push" and "hg help pull"). This requires both the local and remote
    repositories to support bookmarks. For versions prior to 1.8, this means
    the bookmarks extension must be enabled.


 -f --force       force
 -r --rev REV     revision
 -d --delete      delete a given bookmark
 -m --rename NAME rename a given bookmark
 -i --inactive    do not mark a new bookmark active

use "hg -v help bookmarks" to show more info